These Tools can be used in order to create WebM Files:

Sorenson Squish (Web based)
Sorenson Media is one of the first companies to offer a WebM compression Tool. You can try it here for free.

Wildform Flix (Win)
Wildform is one of the first to offer a free downloadable encoder fro WebM: Flix
Unfortunately it seems that they were also one of the first to take their free encoder offline.

Miro Video Converter (Win + Mac)
A free tool to encode various Video Formats including WebM/VP8: Miro Video Converter

transmageddon (Linux)
The latest Version of transmageddon (0.16) now also creates WebM-Files.
Download it here.

FFmpeg 0.6 (Linux)
The newest release of FFmpeg now supports WebM/VP8. It will also have support for the upcoming h265 standard, that is supposed to double the compression. Dowload here.

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