In order to be able to play or create WebM Files you need a Codec for your system.
Here is a list of available codecs and players for various operating systems:

How to Play WebM Files in Windows

UPDATE: The newest Version of the popular VLC Player 2.1 is now also capable of playing WebM-Files, even if encoded in AV1. Download it here.

if you want to play WebM in Windows you will need a DirectShow Filter. You can download it here. After the download, you have to extract the files to a folder, and then go to that folder in DOS-Mode (enter command “cmd”), where you register them using the command:
regsvr32 webmsource.dll webmsplit.dll vp8decoder.dll vp8encoder.dll webmmux.dll

If you cannot hear sound you may also need the Vorbis filters from here.

After the installation all Applications that use DirectShow filters (ie. Windows Media Player) will be able to play WebM Files. You can test this using our WebM Test Files.

to play WebM Files within the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 you need to download “WebM Video for IE9” from here.

How to Play WebM Files in Mac OS X

Use the popular VLC Player for Mac OS X that can be downloaded here.

How to Play WebM Files in Linux

You need to patch ffmpeg with these patches.

UPDATE: The new release FFmpeg 0.6 now supports WebM/VP8.
Just update your FFmpeg or dowload it here.

The newest Version of the popular VLC Player 1.1 is also available for various Linux Distributions. Find your Player for WebM-Files in Linux here.

How to Play WebM Files in your Webbrowser

All major browsers will support WebM as a HTML5 Video-format in upcoming versions. You can preview some early beta-versions of such browsers here:

How to integrate WebM Files into your Webpage

Modern webbrowsers can play WebM Videos without 3rd party software by using the <Video> Tag (test yours here). Currently Firefox 4.0 and new releases of Chrome and Opera support this in their default configuration.

HTML5 Code Sample for WebM Videos

<video width="123" height="123" controls >
<source src="thefilename.webm" type='video/webm; codecs="vp8, vorbis"'>

You may need to add the WebM MIME type to your webserver configuration, e.g. by adding the following line to the servers .htaccess file:

AddType video/webm .webm

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